Huawei patents granted on 15 September 2015

16 US patents granted on 15 September 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 D738,870 Wireless router
2 9,137,853 Multi-mode base station and method for sending/receiving signal thereof
3 9,137,800 Method for communicating with a user equipment using plurality of transmit antennas
4 9,137,794 Method, base station, UE, and system for sending and receiving PDCCH signaling
5 9,137,731 Method, device and system for uniform number communication on a home gateway
6 9,137,694 Method for detecting interference between base stations and base station
7 9,137,660 Method and system for authentication processing, 3GPP AAA server and user equipment
8 9,137,531 Scanning method and device, and reverse scanning method and device
9 9,137,357 Method and apparatus for implementing and filtering customized ringing signals
10 9,137,334 Interconnection method, apparatus, and system based on socket remote invocation
11 9,137,268 Method, terminal, and server for obtaining heartbeat period
12 9,137,195 Method, network device and user equipment for switching media access control address
13 9,137,147 Ring network protection method, network node and ring network
14 9,137,099 Method, device, and system for link aggregation failure protection
15 9,137,045 Ethernet multicast method and device
16 9,135,130 Debugging method, chip, board, and system