Huawei patents granted on 16 April 2013

12 US patents granted on 16 April 2013 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,423,769 Method and apparatus for generating security context
2 8,423,632 Method, network management center, and a related device for configuring a network policy for a virtual port
3 8,423,069 Cell access control method and user equipment
4 8,423,025 Method and system for managing context of mobile station
5 8,422,515 Method, system, and device for transmitting data in optical transport network
6 8,422,476 Information carrying synchronization code and method for frame timing synchronization
7 8,422,459 Route optimization method and system
8 8,422,436 Method and apparatus for forwarding data in forwarding networks
9 8,422,430 Method and apparatus for updating APN subscription configuration
10 8,422,391 Method, media gateway and media gateway controller for maintaining NAT address mapping table
11 8,422,363 Method and apparatus for service protection
12 8,421,841 Multi-media controlling system, device and method for controlling data transmission and processing