Huawei patents granted on 16 August 2016

37 US patents granted on 16 August 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D763,864 Display screen with graphical user interface
2 9,420,636 Mobile network device using a wireless SD card that uses SCSI to SD command conversion
3 9,420,622 Downlink data transmission method, base station, and serving gateway on LTE network
4 9,420,565 Method and device for transmitting data in non-scheduled manner
5 9,420,561 Method for obtaining configuration data and method for providing configuration data, base station device, and network management system
6 9,420,547 Method and apparatus for setting working mode of PA blanking
7 9,420,545 Power control method, power control system and related device
8 9,420,492 Method and device for load balance
9 9,420,484 Method and device for updating coordinated multi-point transmission set
10 9,420,449 Method, apparatus, and system for online subscription data configuration
11 9,420,439 Method and apparatus for receiving or sending short message
12 9,420,436 Group managing method and push server
13 9,420,369 Processing method for earphone and user equipment
14 9,420,330 Method for presenting custom content in set top box and set top box
15 9,420,299 Method for processing an image
16 9,420,290 Method and apparatus for decoding and encoding video, and method and apparatus for predicting direct current coefficient
17 9,419,999 Method and device for preventing domain name system spoofing
18 9,419,890 Streaming service load sharing method, streaming service processing method, and corresponding device and system
19 9,419,875 Video quality assessment method and apparatus
20 9,419,866 Method, node, and monitoring center detecting network fault
21 9,419,833 Phase control method, array antenna, and system
22 9,419,832 Base station device, mobile station device, control information transmission method, control information reception method and program
23 9,419,831 Method and modem for adjusting modulation mode
24 9,419,826 Adaptive filtering method and system based on error sub-band
25 9,419,770 Method and apparatus for asynchronous OFDMA/SC-FDMA
26 9,419,719 Transmitter apparatus and method
27 9,419,706 Single fiber bi-directional optical module, and transport system and method based thereon
28 9,419,693 Method for determining rank indication RI bit number, base station, and terminal
29 9,419,691 Data transmission method and apparatus
30 9,419,521 Control method and control apparatus using control signals to control states of transistors in BUCK-BOOST topology
31 9,419,359 Plug and printed circuit board assembly
32 9,418,671 Adaptive high-pass post-filter
33 9,418,036 Data terminal with a connection structure of USB interface
34 9,417,962 Data block sub-division based data recovery method and device
35 9,417,887 Method and apparatus for bootstrapping gateway in device management system
36 9,417,806 File processing method and apparatus, and storage device
37 9,417,467 Integrated thermo-optic switch with thermally isolated and heat restricting pillars