Huawei patents granted on 16 December 2014

21 US patents granted on 16 December 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,914,869 Gateway system and method for implementing access to various media
2 8,914,700 Data processing method, apparatus and system
3 8,914,501 Method, apparatus, and system for scheduling distributed buffer resources
4 8,914,487 Method and apparatus for abstracting logical topology information of peer-to-peer network
5 8,914,005 Method and system for network logout of a mobile station in idle mode
6 8,913,897 Laser diode, method for manufacturing laser diode and passive optical network system
7 8,913,890 Passive optical network user terminal and method of power supply control and power supply state reporting for the same
8 8,913,696 Random access preamble design
9 8,913,685 Selecting a codeword for precoding data
10 8,913,680 Interference alignment method and device and multi-channel communication system
11 8,913,624 Synchronization method, communication handover method, radio network and node
12 8,913,589 Service control method for machine type communications device and related apparatus and system
13 8,913,588 Handover method, communication device and communication system
14 8,913,580 Method, user equipment and base station for transmitting uplink control information
15 8,913,572 Radio self-backhaul method, device, and system
16 8,913,568 Communication method and system using uplink Multiple Input Multiple Output technology
17 8,913,528 Method and apparatus for handling full-duplex interference
18 8,913,185 Multi-level bidirectional motion estimation method and device
19 8,913,101 Method, system, terminal, and server for transferring video call between access networks
20 8,912,962 Data card with universal serial bus plug
21 8,911,033 Panel for ventilation and noise reduction and manufacturing method