Huawei patents granted on 16 February 2016

14 US patents granted on 16 February 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,265,035 Method and base station for transmitting a data block
2 9,264,952 Method for configuring a neighboring base station and micro base station
3 9,264,948 Method and device for accessing and obtaining user equipment context and user equipment identity
4 9,264,917 Wireless access method, device, and system
5 9,264,901 Method, apparatus, and system for establishing data connection
6 9,264,900 Fast authentication for inter-domain handovers
7 9,264,367 Method and system for controlling packet traffic
8 9,264,363 Method, node, and system for controlling network traffic based on token ring
9 9,264,314 Method, system, and switch for making bridge in MSTP join region
10 9,264,279 Transmitter, receiver, and method for receiving and transmitting a radio frequency signal
11 9,264,113 Frame synchronization method and apparatus of wireless system, and wireless system
12 9,263,410 Chip detecting system and detecting method
13 9,262,899 Method, device and system for implementing video recording retrieval
14 9,262,191 Method, apparatus, and system for processing service flow