Huawei patents granted on 16 July 2013

28 US patents granted on 16 July 2013 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,489,983 Method, terminal and server for updating interactive components
2 8,489,916 Multi-disk fault-tolerant system, method for generating a check block, and method for recovering a data block
3 8,489,875 Method, system and apparatus for transmitting DHCP messages
4 8,489,838 Method and terminal device for erasing data of terminal
5 8,489,756 Method, apparatus, and system for releasing resources
6 8,489,726 Distributed network construction method, system and task processing method
7 8,489,711 Service distribution method, device and system
8 8,489,548 Method, system, and device for data synchronization
9 8,489,406 Stereo encoding method and apparatus
10 8,489,405 Compression coding and decoding method, coder, decoder, and coding device
11 8,489,395 Method and apparatus for generating lattice vector quantizer codebook
12 8,489,139 Power sharing method and base station
13 8,489,106 Method and system for providing quality of service assurance in wireless communication system
14 8,489,099 User equipment and access method thereof
15 8,489,069 Method, apparatus, and system for QoS control based on charging system
16 8,488,970 Microwave transmission apparatus, signal processing method and device in microwave transmission apparatus
17 8,488,966 Data transmission method of optical access network, and system and device thereof
18 8,488,897 Method and device for image filtering
19 8,488,604 Method, device and system for forwarding multicast packets
20 8,488,603 Method, apparatus, and system for implementing multicast services
21 8,488,597 Apparatus for collecting charging information of a data service and charging method thereof
22 8,488,560 Random access method, evolved node B, and terminal equipment
23 8,488,554 Method and system for handover between different types of access systems
24 8,488,542 Data transmission method, network system and corresponding device
25 8,488,531 Method and system for allocating communication resources
26 8,488,454 Method for adjusting signal speed, media gateway, and media gateway controller
27 8,488,349 Method and apparatus for tracking power supplies
28 8,488,066 System and method for fast digital channel changing