Huawei patents granted on 16 June 2015

22 US patents granted on 16 June 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,060,364 Scheduling method and device
2 9,060,358 Method for data communication, system for communication and related devices
3 9,060,339 Power control method and device
4 9,060,305 Method and apparatus for reporting radio bearer loss information
5 9,060,302 Data sending method, apparatus, and system
6 9,060,270 Method and device for establishing a security mechanism for an air interface link
7 9,060,268 Negotiating security capabilities during movement of UE
8 9,060,165 3D video communication method, sending device and system, image reconstruction method and system
9 9,059,958 User registration method, interaction method and related devices
10 9,059,904 Method and system for intermediate node to locate a fault independently
11 9,059,849 Method, system and apparatus of multi-subframe scheduling
12 9,059,812 MicroTCA carrier, clock card and method for providing a clock
13 9,059,797 Method, apparatus and unit for detecting fault of submarine device
14 9,059,775 Method, device and system for radio frequency device pairing
15 9,059,767 Microwave transmission method, apparatus, and system using CCDP and XPIC
16 9,059,735 Decoding method and decoding device
17 9,059,563 Self-seeding fiber laser, method for driving self-seeding fiber laser, passive optical network system and device
18 9,059,551 Backplane apparatus and communication device
19 9,058,500 Method and apparatus for inputting data
20 9,058,433 Advanced extensible interface bus and corresponding data transmission method
21 9,058,264 Method for repairing communication abnormality between data card and host and data card
22 9,058,171 Data processing method, and relevant devices