Huawei patents granted on 17 January 2017

14 US patents granted on 17 January 2017 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,549,430 Communications system, base station, user equipment, and signaling transmission method
2 9,549,424 Data transmission method, device, and system
3 9,549,405 Wireless transmission method, access point, and station
4 9,549,397 Method and device for transmitting data
5 9,549,377 Power control method and device
6 9,549,334 Method and system for transmitting information through backhaul link, proxy device, and access device
7 9,549,181 Method and apparatus for building motion vector list for motion vector prediction
8 9,548,810 Optical path processing method and apparatus
9 9,548,771 Method and apparatus for eliminating interference among transmission channels of transmitter
10 9,548,544 Antenna element for signals with three polarizations
11 9,548,541 Apparatus and method for a high aperture efficiency broadband antenna element with stable gain
12 9,547,605 Method for data backup, device and system
13 9,547,570 Devices, systems and methods for debugging network connectivity
14 9,547,379 Method, air mouse, and set top box for controlling air mouse