Huawei patents granted on 17 March 2015

15 US patents granted on 17 March 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,984,654 Time check method and base station
2 8,984,570 Method and apparatus for supporting time shift playback in adaptive HTTP streaming transmission solution
3 8,983,971 Method, apparatus, and system for mobile search
4 8,983,517 Method, device, and system for determining timing advance grouping
5 8,983,001 Reporting of channel state information
6 8,982,983 Method and apparatus for transmitting precoding martrix index and performing precoding
7 8,982,940 Adaptive equalization method and adaptive equalizer
8 8,982,811 Traffic bearer mapping method and communication device
9 8,982,808 Method for transmitting a signal and communications apparatus
10 8,982,769 Method, base station, and relay device for receiving physical uplink control information
11 8,982,761 Method, apparatus, and system for carrying out multimedia service in wireless local area
12 8,982,737 Method, device and system for implementing conference access
13 8,982,697 Method and apparatus for sending and receiving ethernet physical-layer OAM overhead
14 8,982,073 Method and terminal for displaying picture/interface
15 D724,583 Wifi repeater