Huawei patents granted on 17 May 2016

24 US patents granted on 17 May 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,345,161 Front panel of board, board, and electronic apparatus
2 9,345,159 Water-proof structure provided with internal barometer for terminal device and method for controlling a water-proof structure
3 9,345,057 Method and terminal for establishing a communication connection
4 9,345,044 Method and apparatus for processing information
5 9,345,022 Method and device for allocating backhaul link resource
6 9,345,005 Method and apparatus for allocating resources and processing confirmation information
7 9,344,975 Power adjustment method and device
8 9,344,917 Method and device for implementing LTE baseband resource pool
9 9,344,864 Redirection method and redirection apparatus under policy and charging control
10 9,344,838 Data transmission method and apparatus, and terminal with touch screen
11 9,344,571 Call processing method and control apparatus, automatic call distribution apparatus, and agent terminal
12 9,344,530 Method and apparatus for encoding feedback signal
13 9,344,511 Control method, control device, and process in software defined network
14 9,344,488 Application test method based on service delivery platform, and service delivery platform
15 9,344,463 Method and apparatus for service control
16 9,344,317 OFDM signal modulation-demodulation method, device and system based on compressed sensing
17 9,344,244 System and method of processing antenna configuration information
18 9,344,163 Method and terminal for implementing multi-antenna transmission
19 9,344,123 Systems and methods for historical signal interference cancellation (SIC)
20 9,343,811 Phase adjustment apparatus and multi-frequency antenna
21 9,343,061 Method and apparatus for converting text information
22 9,342,629 Content searching chip based protocol conversion
23 9,342,285 Method and apparatus for detecting code change
24 9,341,790 Device and method for micro-electro-mechanical-system photonic switch