Huawei patents granted on 18 March 2014

10 US patents granted on 18 March 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,676,888 Method for multi-terminal session, and communication system and related device thereof
2 8,676,881 Location update method, heterogeneous network communications system and device
3 8,676,271 Application displaying method and mobile communication terminal based on user’s habit
4 8,676,264 Method and apparatus for power sharing among multi-carrier modules of a multi-carrier base station
5 8,676,186 Cell load balancing method, cell load measuring method, and devices thereof
6 8,676,053 Method for monitoring fiber line state, repeater, submarine cable system
7 8,675,640 Method, apparatus, and system for connecting to called terminal
8 8,675,582 Method, apparatus, and system for setting up radio bearer
9 8,675,471 Method for constructing space-time/space-frequency code, and transmitting method and apparatus
10 8,674,769 Power amplifier protection circuit, communication device, and method