Huawei patents granted on 18 November 2014

24 US patents granted on 18 November 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,893,191 Method, apparatus and system for renewing program
2 8,892,915 Method and apparatus of Power over Ethernet
3 8,892,751 Method, system and network entity for negotiating the session description protocol version and obtaining the session description protocol version information
4 8,892,671 Message processing method, terminal and system
5 8,892,640 Access control method and system and access terminal
6 8,892,529 Data processing method and apparatus in cluster system
7 8,892,167 Wireless terminal and method for processing contact information
8 8,892,161 Radio communication system and method using spatial diversity and spatial multiplexing modes
9 8,892,029 Method for buffer status report reporting, relay node, E-UTRAN NodeEB, and system
10 8,891,968 Method and apparatus for loading, detecting, and monitoring channel-associated optical signals
11 8,891,915 Optical switch system and feedback control method of signal light
12 8,891,889 Image encoding and decoding methods and related devices
13 8,891,755 Telephone set and method of controlling off-hook/on-hook state of the telephone set
14 8,891,671 Method, apparatus and system for calibrating channel
15 8,891,547 Link scanning method for cascaded remote control units, and remote electrical tilt antenna system
16 8,891,526 Data communication method and data communication apparatus
17 8,891,501 Method, apparatus, and system for routing user plane data in mobile network
18 8,891,498 Method for wireless network re-selection in a plurality of networks environment
19 8,891,443 Method and system for implementing data routing of roaming user
20 8,891,352 Data transmission and receiving method and apparatus
21 8,890,928 Method, system and device for conference switching
22 8,890,924 Video conference control method and conference terminal
23 8,890,922 Video communication method, device and system
24 8,890,731 Conversion circuit and chip