Huawei patents granted on 19 April 2016

27 US patents granted on 19 April 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D754,178 Display screen or portion thereof with a graphical user interface
2 9,320,070 User equipment pairing processing method, network side device, and user equipment
3 9,320,044 Communication interference processing method and wireless router
4 9,320,014 Method and base station for eliminating paging interference in heterogeneous network
5 9,319,992 Measuring method and device before different-frequency handover of user terminal
6 9,319,989 Method and apparatus for open loop power control
7 9,319,982 Method, terminal device, network-side device, and communications system for managing power supply
8 9,319,970 Method, apparatus, and system for searching and selecting network
9 9,319,969 Method and apparatus for accessing wireless sensor network
10 9,319,966 Address processing method, gateway device, and access point
11 9,319,954 Method, apparatus, and system for accessing to a mobile communication network
12 9,319,885 Method for dynamically setting virtual subcarriers, receiving method, apparatus and system
13 9,319,841 Location information notification method, user equipment, and application service gateway
14 9,319,818 Stereo signal down-mixing method, encoding/decoding apparatus and encoding and decoding system
15 9,319,670 Video data quality assessment method and apparatus
16 9,319,536 Processing method of gateway charging and gateway
17 9,319,508 Method and device for adding menu item to android menu
18 9,319,485 Method for triggering cloud service, cloud server, and thin client
19 9,319,266 Method and apparatus for managing diameter routing
20 9,319,202 System and method for carrier aggregation for wireless local area networks
21 9,319,199 Method and apparatus for scheduling PDSCHs of multiple subframes, base station, and user equipment
22 9,319,117 Codeword feedback method and receiver
23 9,319,070 Method and device for decoding polar codes
24 9,318,407 Pop package structure
25 9,318,038 Color control method and communication apparatus
26 9,317,316 Host virtual machine assisting booting of a fully-encrypted user virtual machine on a cloud environment
27 9,316,800 Optical coupling using a vernier scale