Huawei patents granted on 19 August 2014

17 US patents granted on 19 August 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,813,217 Method and system for authorizing and charging host with multiple addresses in IPv6 network
2 8,813,115 Service access method, device, and system
3 8,812,848 Method, system and device for negotiating security capability when terminal moves
4 8,812,715 Method, system, and proxy node for P2P streaming media data distribution
5 8,812,696 Extensible markup language document management method and system
6 8,812,691 Method for binding an address of a user terminal in an access equipment
7 8,812,592 Information recommendation method, recommendation engine, network system
8 8,812,307 Method, apparatus and system for linear prediction coding analysis
9 8,811,937 Redirection method, redirection device, and communication system
10 8,811,624 Echo cancellation method and device
11 8,811,577 Advanced telecommunications computing architecture data exchange system, exchange board and data exchange method
12 8,811,455 System and method for performing weighted processing on down link signal
13 8,811,394 Message forwarding method, access point, and system
14 8,811,330 Method and system for allocating communication resources
15 8,811,256 Subframe processing method and device
16 8,811,174 Data communication method and system, data sending/receiving apparatus
17 8,811,145 Detection method and apparatus for multiple-input multiple-output single carrier block transmission system