Huawei patents granted on 19 July 2016

27 US patents granted on 19 July 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,398,617 Methods and apparatus for random access in a communication system
2 9,398,605 Method, apparatus, and system for transmission control of multimedia broadcast multicast service data
3 9,398,540 Method and system for self-optimized uplink power control
4 9,398,538 Method for single card dual standby user equipment to camp on network and user equipment
5 9,398,523 Method for determining neighboring base station, base station, and processing network element
6 9,398,510 Handover method, base station, user equipment, and mobility management entity
7 9,398,507 Method and user equipment for processing frequency information
8 9,398,481 Measurement method, CSI-RS resource sharing method and apparatus
9 9,398,475 Method, device, and system for monitoring quality of internet access service of mobile terminal
10 9,398,468 Cellular array with steerable spotlight beams
11 9,398,441 Method and apparatus for identifying re-subscribed user
12 9,398,170 Method, apparatus, and system for processing charging information
13 9,398,027 Data detecting method and apparatus for firewall
14 9,398,006 Smart space access method, system, controller, and smart space interface server
15 9,397,968 Method for processing deferred message
16 9,397,925 Method and apparatus for advertising border connection information of autonomous system
17 9,397,917 System and method for zoning in software defined networks
18 9,397,908 Method, apparatus, and system for acquiring quality of service QoS control information
19 9,397,854 Network access method, interface device, and mobile network access device
20 9,397,812 Generating and transmitting demodulation reference signals
21 9,397,777 Method and apparatus for authentication in passive optical network
22 9,397,730 System, base station and method of signal processing
23 9,397,632 Filter
24 9,397,623 Dual path double zero continuous time linear equalizer
25 9,397,395 Electronically steerable antenna using reconfigurable power divider based on cylindrical electromagnetic band gap (CEBG) structure
26 9,396,739 Method and apparatus for detecting voice signal
27 9,395,499 Optical fiber connector, optical fiber adaptor and optical fiber connector assembly