Huawei patents granted on 19 November 2013

18 US patents granted on 19 November 2013 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,589,825 Communication application triggering method and electronic device
2 8,589,754 Method for encoding or decoding LDPC code with variable length, device, encoder, and decoder
3 8,589,692 Method and apparatus for verifying CGA signature
4 8,589,675 WLAN authentication method by a subscriber identifier sent by a WLAN terminal
5 8,589,588 Method of identifying domain-to-domain link based on automatically switched optical network
6 8,588,856 Antenna system and base station system
7 8,588,831 Method and base station for sending information
8 8,588,762 Method and apparatus for performing channel measurement for cell
9 8,588,702 Method, equipment for submitting a measurement report
10 8,588,287 Method, device and system for detecting channel quality
11 8,588,255 Full-T cross apparatus and method
12 8,588,246 Method and device for determining search space, and method and device for determining candidate control channel resources
13 8,588,211 Method for changing session media, method for establishing a call, and equipment thereof
14 8,588,206 Method and system for assigning reference signals in a multi-antenna context
15 8,588,194 Method, apparatus, and system for managing mobile communication devices
16 8,588,168 Method and apparatus for allocating and processing sequences in communication system
17 8,588,164 Method and apparatus for estimating downlink channel quality
18 8,588,065 Method, system, and network apparatus for evaluating quality of experience