Huawei patents granted on 20 August 2013

19 US patents granted on 20 August 2013 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,516,604 Method and apparatus for managing a user
2 8,516,545 Method and system for session modification
3 8,516,094 Method and network management apparatus for implementing information service level inheritance in network management system
4 8,516,073 Method, device and system for transferring information
5 8,515,747 Spectrum harmonic/noise sharpness control
6 8,515,744 Method for encoding signal, and method for decoding signal
7 8,515,743 Method and apparatus for searching fixed codebook
8 8,515,742 Adding second enhancement layer to CELP based core layer
9 8,515,396 Method and system for providing presence information using ringback tone
10 8,515,276 Method, device and system for optical network switching protection
11 8,515,053 Method for changing session media, method for establishing a call, and equipment thereof
12 8,515,042 Method for indicating call progress state, conference control device, and conference system
13 8,514,897 Method and device for mapping ethernet code blocks to OTN for transmission
14 8,514,870 Method for implementing IP multimedia subsystem registration
15 8,514,833 Data processing apparatus, communications device, and data processing method
16 8,514,812 Method for transitioning of state machines after radio access network is reselected and terminal
17 8,514,734 Method for processing bandwidth, network device and network system
18 8,514,691 Feedback information relating to a mobile communications system using carrier aggregation
19 8,514,571 Horizontal subrack and communication cabinet