Huawei patents granted on 20 September 2016

28 US patents granted on 20 September 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,451,725 Communications product and base station system
2 9,451,705 Touch panel and production method thereof
3 9,451,633 Communication method and apparatus for carrier aggregation system
4 9,451,612 Method and system for joint coordination and coexistence in unlicensed spectrum
5 9,451,599 Method for transmitting control information, user equipment and base station
6 9,451,534 Carrier selection method for positioning measurement, positioning measurement method, positioning processing apparatus, and terminal
7 9,451,525 Method, device and system for starting routing function and transmitting data
8 9,451,516 Method for data transmission, offload point device, user equipment and system
9 9,451,502 Service control method and system, evolved nodeB, and packet data network gateway
10 9,451,442 Service processing method and apparatus in communication network
11 9,451,439 Device discovery method, device, and system
12 9,451,387 Method, M2M terminal, AP, and system for achieving machine to machine service
13 9,451,341 Monitor photodiode multiplexer for integrated photonic switches
14 9,451,172 Method and apparatus for correcting multi-exposure motion image
15 9,450,889 Method, apparatus and system for processing flexible-rate signal
16 9,450,886 Bandwidth adjustment method, bus controller, and signal convertor
17 9,450,843 Method for indicating port states and switch
18 9,450,787 System and method for early termination in iterative null-space directed singular value decomposition for MIMO
19 9,450,772 Method, group server, and member device for accessing member resources
20 9,450,730 Method and device for allocating physical hybrid ARQ indicator channel, and user equipment
21 9,450,674 Apparatus and method of compensating for compact digital domain chromatic dispersion
22 9,450,332 USB male connector and its companion electronic product
23 9,449,604 Method for determining an encoding parameter for a multi-channel audio signal and multi-channel audio encoder
24 9,449,603 Multi-channel audio encoder and method for encoding a multi-channel audio signal
25 9,449,041 Database system lock operation method and device
26 9,449,005 Metadata storage system and management method for cluster file system
27 9,448,899 Method, apparatus and system for switching over virtual application two-node cluster in cloud environment
28 9,448,422 Integrated thermo-optic switch with thermally isolated and heat restricting pillars