Huawei patents granted on 21 April 2015

20 US patents granted on 21 April 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,015,521 Method for switching a node controller link, processor system, and node
2 9,015,065 Method, system, and device for implementing network banking service
3 9,015,039 Adaptive encoding pitch lag for voiced speech
4 9,014,759 Method, system and base station for configuring multi-mode base station
5 9,014,700 User detachment when a handover or change occurs in heterogeneous network
6 9,014,556 Optical power monitoring method and apparatus
7 9,014,317 Method, apparatus, and system for frequency offset estimation and channel estimation
8 9,014,291 Method and apparatus for analyzing crosstalk between lines
9 9,014,270 Method, apparatus and system for rapid motion search applied in template switching
10 9,014,214 Dynamic link adjustment method and link managing device
11 9,014,151 Method and apparatus for transmitting low-rate traffic signal in optical transport network
12 9,014,139 Method and eNodeB for forwarding downlink and uplink packets based on S1 handover
13 9,014,057 Method for transmitting and receiving uplink control information, terminal, base station
14 9,014,009 Method and device for locating a failed link, and method, device and system for analyzing alarm root cause
15 9,013,987 Method for handling local link congestion and apparatus
16 9,013,537 Method, device, and network systems for controlling multiple auxiliary streams
17 9,013,508 Method and terminal device for filtering objects
18 9,013,427 Method and terminal of displaying contact list
19 9,013,357 Mobile broadband device
20 9,013,340 Protection circuit for analog-to-digital converter, digital power supply, digital signal processing method, processing module, and circuit protection method