Huawei patents granted on 21 June 2016

18 US patents granted on 21 June 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,374,792 Power sharing method and base station
2 9,374,779 Method and apparatus for reducing transmit power
3 9,374,771 Message acknowledgement method, apparatus, and system
4 9,374,745 Method for reporting a measurement report of a measurement event
5 9,374,651 Sensitivity calibration method and audio device
6 9,374,642 Multipurpose connector for multiplexing headset interface into high-definition video and audio interface, and handheld electronic device
7 9,374,567 Image processing method and apparatus, and imaging device
8 9,374,293 Method for dynamically adjusting resource and scheduling device
9 9,374,235 Method for implementing communication between different networks and apparatus
10 9,374,177 Method, device, and system for processing communications system signal
11 9,373,935 Optical lasing device and method for generating a lasing mode in such device
12 9,373,914 Linkage apparatus for plugging PCB board
13 9,372,981 Electronic device and method for unlocking screen of electronic device
14 9,372,867 Similarity analysis method, apparatus, and system
15 9,372,863 Method, apparatus and system for updating metadata file
16 9,372,594 Method and apparatus for adding icon to interface of system, and mobile terminal
17 9,372,514 Apparatus for fastening expansion card
18 9,371,961 Installation part and module