Huawei patents granted on 22 April 2014

18 US patents granted on 22 April 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,707,219 Method and apparatus for unlocking screen saver
2 8,707,124 Method for processing forward error correction, FEC, data, device and system thereof
3 8,707,041 Protecting a BSF entity from attack
4 8,706,845 Method, apparatus, and system for maintaining status of bootstrap peer
5 8,706,746 Method, device, and system for realizing fingerprint technology
6 8,706,107 Method, apparatus and system for registering in universal service interface system
7 8,706,085 Method and apparatus for authenticating communication device
8 8,705,966 Method, device and system for managing information of an optical node in an optical distribution network
9 8,705,964 Method and system for data synchronization in passive optical networks
10 8,705,962 Data transmission method, data processing node, and data transmission system
11 8,705,910 Optical module manufacturing method and optical module
12 8,705,778 Method and apparatus for generating and playing audio signals, and system for processing audio signals
13 8,705,770 Method, device, and system for mixing processing of audio signal
14 8,705,594 Method and apparatus for balancing power between antennas, and base station
15 8,705,563 Method, combiner and system for transmitting signals
16 8,705,483 Downlink baseband signal generating method, relevant device and system
17 8,705,405 Method and system for obtaining a deployment scheme of wireless local area network access points
18 8,704,872 Method and device for switching video pictures