Huawei patents granted on 22 December 2015

24 US patents granted on 22 December 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,220,125 Method for processing heartbeat message, method for acquiring heartbeat period, and access network device
2 9,220,120 Method, device and system for transmitting packet service data
3 9,220,112 Method, device, and system for multiplexing data with selected modulation and coding schemes
4 9,220,097 Method for sending and receiving control information, apparatus and communication system
5 9,220,077 Uplink synchronization processing method, user equipment, and base station
6 9,220,076 Base station and method for clock synchronization of base station
7 9,220,073 Method, device and system for controlling uplink channel power
8 9,220,068 Power saving method, apparatus and communication terminal
9 9,220,064 Method and apparatus for adjusting wake-up period of a terminal in a communications system
10 9,220,060 Method, apparatus, and system for energy saving management in network management system
11 9,219,999 Information push method, apparatus, and system
12 9,219,995 Network entity and method for providing a service for user entity in a communication network
13 9,219,688 Method and system for network load balancing
14 9,219,642 Method, apparatus and system for processing device faults
15 9,219,584 Method, system and apparatus for transmitting data in carrier aggregation manner
16 9,219,580 Method and apparatus for allocating resources and processing confirmation information
17 9,219,575 Method and apparatus for transmitting data streams in MIMO system
18 9,219,561 Method and apparatus for multiplexing and demultiplexing multi-channel signals and system for transmitting multi-channel signals
19 9,219,547 Method, device, and system for implementing LR-PON
20 9,219,538 System and method for one cell to cover multiple areas
21 9,219,454 Method and device for controlling power amplification
22 9,219,320 Foolproof structure for sharing card slot space
23 9,218,482 Method and device for detecting phishing web page
24 9,218,203 Packet scheduling in a multiprocessor system using inter-core switchover policy