Huawei patents granted on 22 March 2016

18 US patents granted on 22 March 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,295,102 Call method of terminal and terminal using call method
2 9,295,031 Method, apparatus, and base station subsystem for paging terminal in multi-band network
3 9,294,960 Method, apparatus and system for cooperative resource scheduling and cooperative communication
4 9,294,834 Method and apparatus for reducing noise in voices of mobile terminal
5 9,294,521 Method, device and system for processing streaming media service data
6 9,294,399 Method for learning media access control address, network device, and system
7 9,294,390 Hash table storage and search methods and devices
8 9,294,369 Method and device for processing location information of fault point
9 9,294,305 Method for sending ethernet frames in ethernet tree service and provider edge device
10 9,294,245 Method and apparatus for sequence distributing and sequence processing in communication system
11 9,294,217 Optical signal multiplexing method and optical multiplexer
12 9,294,214 Coordinated multipoint (COMP) techniques for reducing downlink interference from uplink signals
13 9,294,195 Method, device, and system for saving energy in optical communication
14 9,294,161 System and method for interference coordination
15 9,293,934 Battery charging method and mobile terminal
16 9,293,145 Device and method for postprocessing a decoded multi-channel audio signal or a decoded stereo signal
17 9,292,220 Method, apparatus, and controller for managing storage array
18 9,291,776 Apparatus and method for differential thermal optical switch control