Huawei patents granted on 22 November 2016

34 US patents granted on 22 November 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,504,079 System and method for communications in communications systems with relay nodes
2 9,504,062 Method and device for scheduling downlink data transmission
3 9,504,054 Method and apparatus for sending uplink/downlink scheduling information, and method and apparatus for receiving uplink/downlink scheduling information
4 9,504,048 Method and full-duplex communication device for acquiring channel response of self-interfering channel
5 9,504,009 Paging processing method, communication apparatus, and communication system
6 9,503,955 Method, apparatus and system for information transmission
7 9,503,934 System and method for radio access virtualization
8 9,503,930 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information
9 9,503,921 Method for determining scrambling code conflict and apparatus for determining scrambling code conflict
10 9,503,911 System and method for coordinated beamforming for overlapping basic service set in WLAN
11 9,503,903 Server and method for remotely controlling working of communications terminal, and communications terminal
12 9,503,896 Processing method of wireless network device, wireless network device, and processor of wireless network device
13 9,503,881 Method, device, and system for user equipment to access evolved packet core network
14 9,503,831 Audio playback method and apparatus
15 9,503,729 Encoding or decoding method and apparatus
16 9,503,586 Online charging method, apparatus, and system based on number portability service
17 9,503,518 Method and apparatus for buffering and obtaining resources, resource buffering system
18 9,503,418 Method and apparatus for obtaining remote IP address
19 9,503,417 Method for acquiring information, user equipment, and network equipment
20 9,503,385 Delay request processing method and apparatus based on token bucket
21 9,503,364 Label switching path calculation method and label switching path calculation device
22 9,503,336 Method and apparatus for obtaining channel state information
23 9,503,317 Method and device for processing communication path
24 9,503,308 Method, device and system for processing content
25 9,503,305 Method for low complexity decision metric compression of higher-order square-QAM constellation
26 9,503,251 Method and apparatus for mitigation of baseline wander on an AC coupled link
27 9,503,208 Coordinated multipoint (COMP) techniques for reducing downlink interference from uplink signals
28 9,503,081 Radio frequency antenna switch
29 9,502,962 Power factor correction circuit and power supply circuit
30 9,502,915 Charging and discharging apparatus and terminal
31 9,502,765 Apparatus and method of a dual polarized broadband agile cylindrical antenna array with reconfigurable radial waveguides
32 9,501,841 Method for color calibration and user terminal
33 9,501,117 Identification circuit for power sourcing equipment, and powered device
34 9,501,073 Low-noise sampled voltage regulator