Huawei patents granted on 23 August 2016

34 US patents granted on 23 August 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D764,484 Watch with three display screens with graphical user interface
2 9,426,935 Method for manufacturing circuit board, circuit board, and electronic device
3 9,426,902 Printed circuit board, and method and apparatus for drilling printed circuit board
4 9,426,823 Method and apparatus for random access
5 9,426,807 Method and apparatus for acquirement of available spectrum
6 9,426,796 Methods for transmitting and receiving control channel, base station, and user equipment
7 9,426,787 Method, base station and user equipment for transmitting channel quality information
8 9,426,735 Method for setting discontinuous reception period and mobile terminal
9 9,426,695 Method and device for managing interference
10 9,426,679 Base station antenna apparatus and apparatus for collecting engineering parameter of base station antenna
11 9,426,677 Method, device, and system for optimizing a tradeoff between capacity and coverage of a network
12 9,426,644 Method for activating soft SIM card, method for soft SIM card to join network, terminal and network access device
13 9,426,487 Video coding and decoding methods and apparatuses
14 9,426,468 Signaling layer dependency information in a parameter set
15 9,426,461 Method for binarizing intra prediction mode and method, apparatus, and system for decoding intra prediction mode
16 9,426,263 Handheld electronic device, support assembly, and support assembly fabricating method
17 9,426,199 Method, apparatus, and system for notifying real-time streaming protocol events
18 9,426,075 Method and system to represent the impact of load variation on service outage over multiple links
19 9,426,065 Method, apparatus and system for implementing routing aggregation
20 9,425,972 Method, device, and system for establishing cascade of multipoint control servers
21 9,425,867 Pre-processing method, system, and apparatus for cooperative communication
22 9,425,686 Voltage conversion device and method for adjusting common mode noise impedance
23 9,425,614 Lightning protection radio remote unit, distributed base station, lightning protection system and method
24 9,424,850 Method and apparatus for allocating bit in audio signal
25 9,424,442 Nonvolatile memory and electronic device
26 9,424,220 Method and apparatus for setting working mode of multi-processor system
27 9,424,204 Caching method for distributed storage system, a lock server node, and a lock client node
28 9,424,186 Method and apparatus for controlling memory startup
29 9,424,146 Method, computer, and apparatus for migrating memory data
30 9,424,141 Hard disk data recovery method, apparatus, and system
31 9,424,101 Method and apparatus for synchronous processing based on multi-core system
32 9,423,864 PCI express device and link energy management method and device
33 9,423,839 Plugboard heat dissipation system
34 9,423,192 Heat spreading device and method with sectioning forming multiple chambers