Huawei patents granted on 23 December 2014

22 US patents granted on 23 December 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 D719,939 Wireless router
2 8,918,676 Method and apparatus for restarting communication after registration of subscriber identity module SIM card fails
3 8,918,528 Operating group resources in sub-groups and nested groups
4 8,918,476 Method for page redirection and WAP gateway
5 8,918,444 Method and device for filterling an input signal
6 8,918,107 Handover method, base station and system
7 8,918,054 Interference elimination method, interference elimination device, and communication system
8 8,918,053 Interference elimination method and apparatus for multi-antenna system
9 8,917,987 Method and apparatus for detecting branch fibers, and passive optical network
10 8,917,850 Method and system for implementing multimedia ring back tone service and multimedia caller identification service
11 8,917,794 Method, terminal, and system for sending and receiving service information
12 8,917,777 Method, system and apparatus for evaluating video quality
13 8,917,723 Method, device, and system for processing IPv6 packet
14 8,917,719 Method, equipment and mobile communication system for realizing explicit call transfer
15 8,917,710 Process method about the service connection between the wireless local area network and user terminal
16 8,917,689 Method, base station, and user equipment for feeding back ACK/NACK information for carrier aggregation
17 8,917,667 Method, apparatus, and system for processing EMPS in a CSFB mechanism
18 8,917,623 Positioning method, device and system
19 8,917,621 Method and apparatus for obtaining feedback delay
20 8,917,613 Method and device for transmitting keepalive information
21 8,916,970 Method for welding gold-silicon eutectic chip, and transistor
22 8,916,812 Optical module