Huawei patents granted on 23 February 2016

19 US patents granted on 23 February 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,271,305 Method and apparatus for controlling serving grant of user terminal of neighboring cell
2 9,271,250 Method and communication system for storing address of network anchor point to network server
3 9,271,202 Handover control method, apparatuses and communication system
4 9,271,194 Method, device, and system for handover of user equipment group
5 9,271,139 Session management method and system based on M2M application, and apparatus
6 9,271,134 Method, device and system for data transmission
7 9,270,637 Method, apparatus, and multimode terminal for implementing network switching
8 9,270,590 Method, apparatus and system for transmitting packets in virtual network with respect to a virtual machine (VM) migration
9 9,270,558 Method, local gateway, and system for local voice survivability
10 9,270,526 Multi-terminal positioning method, and related device and system
11 9,270,524 Method and device for LACP link switching and data transmission
12 9,270,485 Method for ethernet ring protection
13 9,270,375 Lossless bandwidth adjustment method, device and system
14 9,270,370 System and method for pilot tone modulation by data bias
15 9,270,352 Method and system for precoding data
16 9,270,308 Adaptive radio-frequency interference cancelling device, method, and receiver
17 9,268,482 Touch operation processing method and terminal device
18 9,268,383 Power over ethernet method, apparatus, device, and system
19 9,268,381 Terminal device and power supply method for terminal device