Huawei patents granted on 24 May 2016

39 US patents granted on 24 May 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D757,103 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
2 9,351,426 Heat dissipating device and blade server
3 9,351,332 Method, system, and device for implicit detachment
4 9,351,298 Service data scheduling method, base station, and base station controller
5 9,351,297 System and method for a collaborative service set
6 9,351,294 Method for sending control information and base station
7 9,351,276 Paging processing method, communication apparatus, and communication system
8 9,351,245 Method for regulating transmit power and wireless routing device
9 9,351,212 PLMN selection method, mobile terminal, BSC and core network device
10 9,351,208 Multi-site cell communication method, base station controller, base station, and communication system thereof
11 9,351,199 Communication method of wireless terminal and host device according to a network layer data transfer protocol, wireless terminal, and host device
12 9,351,192 Traffic bearer mapping method and communication device
13 9,351,135 Trigger message sending method, device and system
14 9,351,115 Method and apparatus for reminding user based on set position by using mobile terminal
15 9,351,101 Communication method and apparatus for NFC device and NFC device
16 9,351,076 Audio and video signal transmission interface apparatus and method thereof
17 9,351,022 Realization method, device, and system for broadcast service grouping
18 9,351,001 Encoding or decoding method and apparatus
19 9,350,946 Information processing method and apparatus for video communication
20 9,350,711 Data transmission method, system, and apparatus
21 9,350,648 System and method for loop suppression in transit networks
22 9,350,620 Method for creating ring network label switched path, related device, and communications system
23 9,350,612 Method, network device, and system for synchronization between network devices
24 9,350,611 Apparatus and method for locating a target operation object
25 9,350,592 Decompressing method and apparatus
26 9,350,569 Method and apparatus for reconstructing data
27 9,350,450 Bit loading for optical discrete multi-tone transmission
28 9,350,435 Precoding matrix indicator feedback method, receive end, and transmit end
29 9,350,432 Method and apparatus for acquiring a precoding matrix indicator and a precoding matrix
30 9,350,429 Signal transmission method, base station and system for multiple-user multiple-input multiple-output system
31 9,350,379 System and method for data conversion of signals using noise shaping
32 9,350,263 Apparatus for controlling conversion between alternating current and direct current
33 9,350,164 Surge protection circuit
34 9,350,065 Method for manufacturing resonance tube, resonance tube, and filter
35 9,349,708 Chip stacked package structure and electronic device
36 9,349,381 Method and device for pulse encoding, method and device for pulse decoding
37 9,348,841 Transaction processing method and system
38 9,348,776 Receiver and method for data processing
39 9,348,647 Execute or cancel a scheduled task that missed execution condition on a device based on rule and execution condition received from a management server