Huawei patents granted on 24 November 2015

19 US patents granted on 24 November 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,198,129 Signal encoding method and device, method for encoding joint feedback signal
2 9,198,093 Identifying mobile station in a cellular wireless communication system
3 9,198,087 Base station handover method, base station controller, and mobile terminal
4 9,198,058 Method for switching working mode on relay network, base station, relay node, and communications system
5 9,197,577 Policy control method and system, and relevant apparatus
6 9,197,451 Method, apparatus, and system for distributing label in seamless multi-protocol label switching network
7 9,197,373 Method, apparatus, and system for retransmitting data packet in quick path interconnect system
8 9,197,357 Method, apparatus, and system for processing optical network signal
9 9,197,305 Precoding control indication feedback method, user equipment, and base station
10 9,197,301 Method and apparatus for configuring transmission mode
11 9,197,177 Method and implementation apparatus for intelligently controlling volume of electronic device
12 9,196,071 Image splicing method and apparatus
13 9,196,024 Method and apparatus for enhancing color
14 9,195,842 Information processing method, apparatus, and system
15 9,195,737 Method and system for content categorization
16 9,195,543 Method and device for detecting data reliability
17 9,195,480 Associated plug-in management method, device and system
18 9,195,392 Distributed storage method, apparatus, and system
19 9,194,763 Optical time-domain reflectometry signal detection method and apparatus