Huawei patents granted on 25 August 2015

16 US patents granted on 25 August 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,119,219 Bandwidth control method, apparatus and system
2 9,119,192 Coordinated multipoint reception processing method and apparatus, and base station
3 9,119,147 Method and device for realizing energy saving in communication system
4 9,119,084 Method and base station for coordinating cell interference
5 9,118,748 Voice loopback method, gateway and loopback node in VoIP network
6 9,118,622 Method and server for sending and lending digital service content
7 9,118,598 Redirector, relay, system for configuring route information and method for updating route information
8 9,118,556 Method and system for establishing tunnels
9 9,118,546 Data forwarding method and router
10 9,118,526 Method and apparatus for controlling data storage
11 9,118,497 Method for mounting network attached storage NAS device, and digital media player DMP
12 9,118,446 Methods and user equipment in a wireless communication network
13 9,117,033 Method, device, and system for packet transmission on PCIE bus
14 9,116,881 Routing switch apparatus, network switch system, and routing switching method
15 9,116,638 Method and apparatus for reading and writing data in file system
16 9,116,181 Method, apparatus, and system for virtual cluster integration