Huawei patents granted on 25 March 2014

9 US patents granted on 25 March 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,683,071 Method and apparatus for supporting time shift playback in adaptive HTTP streaming transmission solution
2 8,683,039 Method, apparatus and communication system for enabling terminal to be managed by multiple servers
3 8,682,968 Method, system, and node for node interconnection on content delivery network
4 8,682,664 Method and device for audio signal classification using tonal characteristic parameters and spectral tilt characteristic parameters
5 8,682,645 Signal analyzer, signal analyzing method, signal synthesizer, signal synthesizing, windower, transformer and inverse transformer
6 8,682,312 Method, system and service control point for realizing call management
7 8,682,163 Detecting method, apparatus, and system in an optical distribution network
8 8,681,805 Method, device and system for interconnecting a multi-protocol label switching network and an ethernet
9 8,681,652 Method, apparatus, and system for determining and maintaining quality of service parameters on a multi-hop network