Huawei patents granted on 25 November 2014

19 US patents granted on 25 November 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 D718,268 Mobile phone
2 D718,267 Mobile phone
3 D718,266 Mobile phone
4 8,898,729 Method and apparatus for security algorithm selection processing, network entity, and communication system
5 8,897,783 Method for providing information in a cellular wireless communication system
6 8,897,724 Method for controlling fast tracking power supply, fast tracking power supply, and system
7 8,897,337 Method and device for estimating ratio of average chip energy to total transmit power spectrum density
8 8,897,286 Method and system for synchronization in communication system
9 8,897,234 Method and apparatus for controlling carrier frequency in multi-carrier/cell system
10 8,897,199 Relay transmission method and network node
11 8,897,176 Method, apparatus and system for processing priority services
12 8,897,164 Data transmission method, base station, and communication system
13 8,897,162 Method and apparatus for channel measurement
14 8,897,136 Pseudowire setup method and node device
15 8,897,133 Multi-stage switch fabric
16 8,897,127 Admission method, admission apparatus and communication system
17 8,897,034 Splitter plate and electronic apparatus
18 8,896,762 Method and apparatus for accessing multimedia resource of smart television and smart television
19 8,896,625 Method and system for fusing images