Huawei patents granted on 25 October 2016

31 US patents granted on 25 October 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D769,885 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 D769,884 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
3 9,480,083 Dedicated pilot decoding method and user equipment
4 9,480,081 System and method for interference cancellation using terminal cooperation
5 9,480,047 Method for processing scheduling grant and user equipment
6 9,480,035 In-synchronization and out-of-synchronization handling method and apparatus
7 9,480,022 Data sending method, apparatus, and system
8 9,480,013 Method, device, and system for joining neighbor awareness network cluster
9 9,480,009 Method and apparatus for detecting cell identity conflict
10 9,479,999 Vehicular communication method, device and system
11 9,479,994 Retransmission method and device
12 9,479,984 Method for providing information in a cellular wireless communication system
13 9,479,970 Bearer switching method, home NodeB gateway, and home NodeB
14 9,479,956 Method and apparatus for transmitting and processing user equipment feedback information
15 9,479,953 Method and apparatus for obtaining terminal minimization of drive-tests data
16 9,479,926 Method and system for obtaining IMEI of mobile station and base station controller
17 9,479,728 Video SMS message sending and receiving methods and apparatuses thereof, and handheld electronic device
18 9,479,652 Method, system, gateway, and server for canceling redirection
19 9,479,611 Method, device, and system for implementing communication after virtual machine migration
20 9,479,528 Signature rule processing method, server, and intrusion prevention system
21 9,479,384 Data stream scheduling method, device, and system
22 9,479,378 Method for sending downlink data, method for receiving downlink data, base station, and user terminal
23 9,479,368 Method and apparatus for adjusting pre-distortion coefficient
24 9,479,316 Unicast communication method, apparatus, and system
25 9,479,306 Method and device for reporting reference signal received power
26 9,479,292 System and method for terminal-group based HARQ for cellular integrated D2D communications
27 9,479,287 Information transmission method and device
28 9,479,254 Distributed base station signal transmission system and communication system
29 9,479,071 Multilevel converter and power supply system
30 9,477,718 Application identification method, and data mining method, apparatus, and system
31 9,477,632 Access proxy for accessing peripheral component interconnect express endpoint device, PCIe exchanger and computer system