Huawei patents granted on 26 April 2016

43 US patents granted on 26 April 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D754,724 Display screen with animated graphical user interface
2 D754,723 Display screen with animated graphical user interface
3 D754,722 Display screen with animated graphical user interface
4 9,326,427 Panel for ventilation and noise reduction and manufacturing method
5 9,326,420 Server
6 9,326,419 Heat dissipation system for communication device with box type chassis, box type chassis, and communication device
7 9,326,291 Method and apparatus for dynamic spectrum management
8 9,326,261 Method and apparatus for synchronizing popularity value of cache data and method, apparatus, and system for distributed caching
9 9,326,255 Method, apparatus and system for interference management
10 9,326,212 Method and device for processing QOS parameter in subscription service combination scenario
11 9,326,200 Method, apparatus for detecting uplink power and base station device
12 9,326,184 Policy and charging control for multiple sub-flows
13 9,326,172 Uplink transmission power determining method and user equipment
14 9,326,165 Method, device, radio network controller and chip for improving network quality
15 9,326,127 File read/write method and mobile terminal
16 9,326,113 Network device, called terminal, and method for processing third-party call
17 9,325,997 Signaling scalability information in a parameter set
18 9,325,993 Encoding or decoding method and apparatus
19 9,325,812 Method and apparatus for compressing nested protocol packet header
20 9,325,788 Method, device and system for processing a network mapping identifier, and peer selection method
21 9,325,744 Method, device, and system for controlling IPTV (internet protocol television) content reporting configuring updates
22 9,325,664 Method for setting address for service blade, platform apparatus, and system
23 9,325,628 Packet handling method, forwarding device and system
24 9,325,616 Packet sending method and network device
25 9,325,615 Method and apparatus for implementing communication between virtual machines
26 9,325,580 Method and apparatus for service control on access node
27 9,325,565 Cloud service packet redirection method and system and cloud gateway
28 9,325,560 Method, device and system for providing web page content according to user ranking
29 9,325,523 Method, device and system for accessing wireless local area network, wireless station, and wireless access point
30 9,325,520 System and method for an asynchronous processor with scheduled token passing
31 9,325,470 Method and device for sending pilot signal
32 9,325,405 Method for antenna receiving mode configuration processing, base station controller and base station
33 9,325,238 Voltage adjustment method, and voltage pre-regulator power supply circuit and system
34 9,325,169 Telecommunications equipment, power supply system, and power supply implementation method
35 9,324,480 Interference prevention apparatus and method
36 9,324,329 Method for parametric spatial audio coding and decoding, parametric spatial audio coder and parametric spatial audio decoder
37 9,324,165 Method and device for generating a predicted value of an image using interpolation and motion vectors
38 9,324,147 Method and apparatus for computing a parallax
39 9,323,796 Data partitioning method and apparatus
40 9,323,635 Method, computer system, and apparatus for accessing peripheral component interconnect express endpoint device
41 9,323,593 Method and device for saving running log of an operating system during a soft reset
42 9,323,554 Method, device, and system for migrating configuration information during live migration of virtual machine
43 9,323,228 Method and apparatus for wake-up control of intelligent terminal by determining whether to delay wake up times