Huawei patents granted on 26 February 2013

13 US patents granted on 26 February 2013 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,387,107 Method, system and device for processing media stream
2 8,387,068 Method and device for managing object instance label
3 8,386,772 Method for generating SAK, method for realizing MAC security, and network device
4 8,386,632 Method, device, and system for controlling streaming media play
5 8,386,625 Method and system for querying parameter information, and apparatus for returning parameter information
6 8,385,914 Method and system for implementing communications between multiple subnets and MSC
7 8,385,873 Equivalent radio frequency notch filter, radio frequency chip, and receiver
8 8,385,858 Power amplifier and signal transceiving system
9 8,385,856 Method and device for controlling power amplification
10 8,385,745 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving signals in a microwave system
11 8,385,744 Delay control method in passive optical network, an optical line terminal and a passive optical network
12 8,385,509 Method and system for extending transmission distance of ADSL signal
13 8,385,327 Access system, method, and device