Huawei patents granted on 26 November 2013

24 US patents granted on 26 November 2013 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,595,807 Method, system, and device for implementing device addition in Wi-Fi device to device network
2 8,595,704 Extensible and unobtrusive script performance monitoring and measurement
3 8,595,404 Method and apparatus for device dynamic addition processing, and method and apparatus for device dynamic removal processing
4 8,595,332 Remote loading system and method for network equipment
5 8,595,309 Method and system for realizing presence service, presence information processing device and presentity client
6 8,594,724 Multi-mode convergence method, multi-mode combination method, and devices thereof
7 8,594,714 Method and device for processing media request in multimedia communication process
8 8,594,658 Method and apparatus for diagnosing feeder misconnection
9 8,594,592 Transmitter, base station device, and method for aligning signal output from transmitter
10 8,594,513 Time delay adjustment device and method
11 8,594,193 Method and device for multi-view encoding/decoding using disparity vector
12 8,594,140 Method, device, and system for multiplexing and mapping optical signals and demultiplexing and demapping optical signals
13 8,594,111 Method and device for buffering cell by crossbar switching matrix
14 8,594,103 Network access method, authentication method, communications systems and relevant devices
15 8,594,098 Method, apparatus and system for transmitting data
16 8,594,086 Packet diversion method and deep packet inspection device
17 8,594,048 Method, base station and relay station for supporting mobile station ranging
18 8,594,038 Resource configuration method and device
19 8,594,034 Method for joining a network, and method and apparatus for transmitting frames
20 8,594,013 System, method and apparatus for implementing multimedia call continuity
21 8,593,954 Method and apparatus for controlling congestion of wireless multi-hop network
22 8,593,944 Method, apparatus and communication system for protecting signaling transmission
23 8,593,940 Method for numbering working services on channel protection ring
24 8,591,773 Heterojunction nano material, negative pole piece of lithium ion battery, and lithium ion battery