Huawei patents granted on 27 August 2013

14 US patents granted on 27 August 2013 and assigned to Huawei

1 RE44,461 Method, system and apparatus for paging access terminals
2 8,521,959 Method and device for recovering description information, and method and device for caching data in database
3 8,521,949 Data deleting method and apparatus
4 8,521,896 Method and system for negotiating the bidirectional forwarding detection session discriminator of pseudo wire
5 8,521,877 Method for configuring access rights, control point, device and communication system
6 8,521,863 Method and device for operating resource on shared network element
7 8,521,196 Method and system for implementing multimedia broadcast/multicast service
8 8,521,163 Method, system, and device for user detachment when a handover or change occurs in heterogeneous network
9 8,520,789 Method and apparatus for implementing pulse synchronization
10 8,520,593 Method of bearer deletion, device, and system
11 8,520,573 Method, base station, and user terminal for implementing uplink resource indication
12 8,520,528 Wireless service provision
13 8,520,506 Method, apparatus, and system for active-standby switchover
14 8,520,145 Method and apparatus for displaying video image