Huawei patents granted on 27 December 2016

50 US patents granted on 27 December 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D775,160 Display screen with graphical user interface for viewing a topology of cloud computing
2 D775,158 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
3 9,532,471 Perpendicular and orthogonal interconnection system and communications device
4 9,532,382 Channel access method and node
5 9,532,360 Method and apparatus for communication mode switching
6 9,532,358 Resource allocation method, radio network controller, and base station
7 9,532,319 Method and apparatus for power control
8 9,532,308 Method and user equipment for discontinuous reception configuration
9 9,532,307 Network discovery method, access point, and terminal device
10 9,532,300 Method for transferring information between base station and terminal, base station, terminal, and system
11 9,532,289 Information processing method and apparatus
12 9,532,277 Method and apparatus for determining source SGSN
13 9,532,266 Systems and methods for managing a wireless network
14 9,532,264 Buffer state reporting method and apparatus
15 9,532,249 Method for processing reference signal, user equipment, and base station
16 9,532,244 Interference cancellation method, data sending method, and apparatuses in long term evolution system
17 9,532,238 Communication method and system, access network device, and application server
18 9,532,234 Multimode base station control method and base station
19 9,532,212 Method and apparatus for processing data and message
20 9,532,202 Access control method, access control apparatus and communication system
21 9,532,119 Apparatus and method for transporting optical channel data unit ODU service
22 9,532,083 Cooperative caching method and apparatus
23 9,531,841 Communications method, client, and terminal
24 9,531,816 Method and apparatus for media transfer between user equipment
25 9,531,663 Method and device for storing and sending MAC address entry, and system
26 9,531,631 Multilink-based data transmission method and device
27 9,531,513 Interference coordination method, base station, and communication system
28 9,531,492 Dynamic hitless resizing in optical transport networks
29 9,531,486 Quality measurement method, user equipment, and network-side device
30 9,531,480 Optical receiver
31 9,531,477 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving client signal in optical transport network
32 9,531,472 Coherent waveform conversion in optical networks
33 9,531,470 Method, system, and node device for monitoring optical performance of wavelength channel
34 9,531,460 Method for transmitting 4-antenna precoding matrix, user equipment and base station
35 9,531,185 Current limiting control method for diode neutral-point-clamped three-level inverter and related circuit
36 9,531,085 Multi-mode feed network for antenna array
37 9,530,420 Method and apparatus for allocating bits of audio signal
38 9,530,212 Image frame conversion method and video frame conversion method and apparatus
39 9,530,054 Scene recognition method and apparatus
40 9,529,912 Metadata querying method and apparatus
41 9,529,753 Interface sharing apparatus and method, and mobile communications terminal
42 9,529,683 Method, system, and apparatus for cloud application redundancy
43 9,529,675 Data recovery method, data recovery device and distributed storage system
44 9,529,650 Method and apparatus for accessing hardware resource
45 9,529,623 Method, migration management apparatus, network device, and virtual machine server for migrating virtual machine parameters
46 9,529,475 Method for calibration of capacitive touch screen and capacitive touch apparatus
47 9,529,377 Adaptive voltage scaling circuit and chip
48 9,529,157 3D-MEMS optical switch
49 9,528,907 Method and device for detecting symmetry of optical fiber
50 9,528,774 Heat dissipation apparatus and cabinet body having the same