Huawei patents granted on 27 May 2014

17 US patents granted on 27 May 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 RE44,918 Method and apparatus for equalizing load of streaming media server
2 8,739,167 Method and device for balancing load of multiprocessor system by sequencing migration priorities based on memory size and calculated execution time
3 8,738,914 Method and system for key exchange and method and apparatus for reducing parameter transmission bandwidth
4 8,738,861 Data prefetching method for distributed hash table DHT storage system, node, and system
5 8,737,970 Method and apparatus for processing release of connection resources
6 8,737,844 Method and apparatus for implementing PDM-BPSK modulation and QPSK modulation in compatible manner
7 8,737,622 Method for importing rights object and rights issuer
8 8,737,616 Method and apparatus for identifying CGA public key, and method, apparatus, and system for determining CGA public key
9 8,737,394 Route computation method and system, and path computation element
10 8,737,388 Method, apparatus and system for processing packets
11 8,737,342 Arrangement and method for improving HARQ feedback in telecommunication systems
12 8,737,340 Power control method and base station
13 8,737,071 Heat dissipation device
14 8,736,659 Method, apparatus, and system for 3D video communication
15 8,736,658 Image-based video conference control method, terminal, and system
16 8,736,656 Method and apparatus for MCU to optimize configuration of multiple pictures
17 8,736,493 Antenna and base station