Huawei patents granted on 27 October 2015

34 US patents granted on 27 October 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 D741,900 Display screen with icon
2 9,173,244 Methods for establishing and using public path, M2M communication method, and systems thereof
3 9,173,227 System compatibility method and apparatus
4 9,173,219 Method, apparatus and system for improving data transmission performance
5 9,173,141 Method, device and system for establishing neighboring base station connections
6 9,173,131 Mobility load balance processing method, relay node, donor base station, and communication system
7 9,173,122 Method, terminal and network device for configuring measurement gap
8 9,173,118 Method and base station for selecting working remote radio unit for user equipment
9 9,173,116 Method, apparatus and system for controlling access points
10 9,173,049 Method, apparatus, and system for data transmission
11 9,172,871 Method and device for multi-camera image correction
12 9,172,760 Method and device for monitoring service usage amount
13 9,172,564 Method for detection using a YI algorithm, and YI detector
14 9,172,559 Method, apparatus, and network system for terminal to traverse private network to communicate with server in IMS core network
15 9,172,527 Signal processing method and apparatus
16 9,172,525 Method and device for compensating for time path
17 9,172,518 Apparatus, system, and method for signaling a quantity of antenna ports in a wireless communication system
18 9,172,504 Method, apparatus and system for downlink channel transmission
19 9,172,500 Signal demodulation method and device
20 9,172,496 CQI (channel quality indication) information reporting method, and related base station and user equipment
21 9,172,475 Method and apparatus for equalizing link performance
22 9,172,465 Optical device, and system and method for managing optical device
23 9,172,452 Method for acquiring signal to noise ratio, signal receiving device and signal sending device
24 9,172,375 Level shifter and digital to analog converter
25 9,172,297 Frequency multiplier and method for generating frequency multiplied signals
26 9,172,138 Dual-feedpoint antenna system and method for feedpoint switchover of dual-feedpoint antenna system
27 9,172,126 Module and coupling arrangement
28 9,171,540 Method, apparatus, and access network system for speech signal processing
29 9,171,053 Method and device for automatic migration of system configuration item
30 9,171,021 Method and system for configuring storage device in hybrid storage environment
31 9,170,959 Method and device for configuring storage system connection
32 9,170,801 Data card updating method, personal computer, and data card
33 9,170,641 Electronic device and method for supplying power to at least two different loads by single power supply
34 9,170,630 Server executing instances of client applications in order to allow power saving by the client device