Huawei patents granted on 27 September 2016

24 US patents granted on 27 September 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D767,522 Mobile phone
2 9,456,443 Communication method and apparatus for carrier aggregation system
3 9,456,442 Reference signal sending method and apparatus
4 9,456,384 Message processing method, device, and system
5 9,456,355 Signaling tracing method, apparatus and system
6 9,456,318 Service processing method and related device
7 9,456,291 Session processing method and apparatus of machine type communication
8 9,456,273 Audio mixing method, apparatus and system
9 9,456,260 Method for crosstalk and power optimization in silicon photonic based switch matrices
10 9,456,193 Method and apparatus for processing light-field image
11 9,456,133 Image shooting unit and apparatus, integrated display and image shooting apparatus, and image shooting method
12 9,455,925 Method, device, and system for self-adaptively adjusting data transmission rate
13 9,455,919 Service provisioning using abstracted network resource requirements
14 9,455,875 Method and apparatus for changing appointed forwarding device
15 9,455,856 Method and apparatus for feeding back channel state information
16 9,455,854 Phase-locked loop frequency calibration method and system
17 9,455,821 Method, system, and apparatus for dynamically adjusting link
18 9,455,812 Methods and apparatuses for receiving and sending control channel
19 9,455,805 Method and apparatus for wireless communications
20 9,455,798 Forward error correction (FEC) to support successive interference cancellation (SIC)
21 9,455,772 System and method for network uplink measurement based operation using UE centric sounding
22 9,455,484 Wideband electronically tunable cavity filters
23 9,454,701 Video synopsis method and apparatus
24 9,454,649 Method and apparatus for making system constraint of a specified permission in the digital rights management