Huawei patents granted on 29 April 2014

19 US patents granted on 29 April 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,713,659 Method and apparatus for allocating and obtaining IP address
2 8,713,320 Security authentication method, apparatus, and system
3 8,713,305 Packet transmission method, apparatus, and network system
4 8,713,275 Memory access monitoring method and device
5 8,713,155 Method and device for managing devices in device management system
6 8,712,763 Method for encoding signal, and method for decoding signal
7 8,712,456 Method and system of channel detecting and reporting, terminal, and management center
8 8,712,403 Method, base station and system for adjusting cell wireless configuration parameter
9 8,712,332 Capacity and coverage self-optimization method and device in a mobile network
10 8,712,247 Clock phase recovery apparatus
11 8,712,240 Optical power measurement method, optical line terminal and optical network unit
12 8,712,090 Headset, terminal, and method capable of switching headset mode
13 8,711,914 Channel estimating method and device
14 8,711,864 System and method for supporting fibre channel over ethernet communication
15 8,711,812 Method, device, and system for configuring component carrier in carrier aggregation scenario
16 8,711,782 Session transfer method, application server, and communications system
17 8,711,669 XDSL system and signal transmission method, sending device, and receiving device of xDSL system
18 8,711,014 Methods and devices for creating, compressing and searching binary tree
19 8,708,730 Wireless internet device