Huawei patents granted on 29 December 2015

33 US patents granted on 29 December 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,226,309 Method and system for uplink joint scheduling
2 9,226,302 Systems and methods for interference alignment in Wi-Fi
3 9,226,285 Method, device and system for solving channel collision
4 9,226,238 Power save method, access point device, and station device
5 9,226,228 Method for implementing power saving of access point and access point on wireless communication network
6 9,226,222 Congestion/overload control method and apparatus
7 9,226,196 Systems and methods for pilot signal and control data retransmission
8 9,226,179 Data communication method and system, data sending/receiving apparatus
9 9,226,176 Transmitting and receiving method and device
10 9,226,162 Spectrum division method, device, and system
11 9,226,157 Cell access processing method and apparatus and communication system
12 9,226,149 System and method for rapid authentication in wireless communications
13 9,226,002 Method, device and system for realizing broadcast TV
14 9,225,826 Method, apparatus and system for compatibility with VDSL2 legacy customer premises equipment
15 9,225,654 Method and apparatus for sending packet
16 9,225,652 Framework for traffic engineering in software defined networking
17 9,225,586 Automatic expansion method, management device, management system
18 9,225,578 High order modulation method, demapping method, and corresponding device
19 9,225,569 Resource allocation method and base station in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
20 9,225,462 Method, apparatus and system for transmitting and receiving client signals
21 9,225,432 System and method for a multi-wavelength coherent receiver
22 9,225,410 Communication system, apparatus and method
23 9,225,409 Method and apparatus for open loop transmission in a multiple antenna wireless communication system
24 9,225,367 Decision feedback equalizer and receiver
25 9,225,354 Coding method, decoding method, coder, and decoder
26 9,225,341 Automatic amplitude control circuit
27 9,224,620 Method for packaging quad flat non-leaded package body, and package body
28 9,223,746 Data card and method for internet access of data card
29 9,223,712 Data cache method, device, and system in a multi-node system
30 9,223,556 Software download method and apparatus
31 9,223,509 File processing method and storage device
32 9,223,374 Power sourcing equipment chip power sourcing equipment and power over ethernet system and method using registers and slave address
33 RE45,831 Rear board of blade server, blade server and subrack