Huawei patents granted on 29 March 2016

25 US patents granted on 29 March 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D752,633 Display screen with animated graphical user interface
2 D752,615 Display screen or portion thereof with a graphical user interface
3 D752,562 Router
4 9,301,426 Microwave module
5 9,301,322 Random access method, user equipment and network equipment
6 9,301,279 Method, apparatus, and system for paging user equipment
7 9,301,250 Method and device for handling cell outage
8 9,301,231 Handover method and system in relay network, relay node, control base station and base station
9 9,301,216 Method for controlling cell activation, base station, and terminal
10 9,301,190 Method, apparatus, and system for measuring aggregated carrier cell
11 9,301,164 Method, system, and terminal for performing system update between mobile communication terminals
12 9,301,162 Method, base station and system for managing resources
13 9,301,151 Frequency spectrum allocation method, device and system
14 9,301,147 Method, apparatus, and system for data protection on interface in communications system
15 9,300,808 Method and system for interoperation between multiple conference systems
16 9,300,717 Information transmission method and system, and browser on mobile terminal
17 9,300,702 Network conference method and apparatus
18 9,300,527 Node routing method of multi-processor system, controller and multi-processor system
19 9,300,490 Packet forwarding method and network device
20 9,300,403 Signal transmission processing method and apparatus and distributed base station
21 9,300,335 Device and method for communication correction
22 9,300,041 Multimode broadband antenna module and wireless terminal
23 9,299,490 Circuit board and power conversion apparatus having circuit board
24 9,299,359 Method and an apparatus for voice quality enhancement (VQE) for detection of VQE in a receiving signal using a guassian mixture model
25 9,298,470 Method and apparatus for selecting bios program for a processor