Huawei patents granted on 29 November 2016

40 US patents granted on 29 November 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D772,908 Portion of a display screen with graphical user interface
2 9,510,468 Mobile terminal comprising lid unit with key device
3 9,510,449 Multi-layer printed circuit board and method for fabricating multi-layer printed circuit board
4 9,510,373 Method and apparatus for allocating radio network temporary identifier
5 9,510,371 Method and apparatus for controlling service transmission
6 9,510,341 Method, base station, UE, and system for sending and receiving PDCCH signaling
7 9,510,325 Channel selection method and apparatus
8 9,510,303 Method for controlling transmit power in multichannel system, receive end, and transmit end
9 9,510,301 Method and apparatus for adjusting transmit power
10 9,510,298 Method, device, and system for transmitting data based on HARQ
11 9,510,267 Data sending method, data forwarding method, apparatus, and system
12 9,510,261 Measurement control method, user equipment, control node, and system
13 9,510,255 Network handover method and apparatus
14 9,510,246 Communication system, network handover processing method and apparatus
15 9,510,241 Carrier selection method and apparatus
16 9,510,235 Congestion control method, device, and system
17 9,510,228 System and method of traffic engineering in a software defined radio access network
18 9,510,210 Method and apparatus of physical cell identifier allocation
19 9,510,185 Method, terminal, server, and system for multiple terminals to share virtual SIM card
20 9,509,916 Image presentation method and apparatus, and terminal
21 9,509,895 Pan-tilt-zoom device identification method, pan-tilt-zoom device, camera, and pan-tilt-zoom device control system
22 9,509,787 User status displaying method, and server
23 9,509,752 Method, device and system for controlling web page access
24 9,509,607 Method, network device and system for sending and receiving packet
25 9,509,575 Method, apparatus and system for marking service data packet
26 9,509,443 Transmission schemes for device communications
27 9,509,442 System and method for apriori decoding
28 9,509,414 Encryption and decryption method and device
29 9,509,379 System and method for designing and using multidimensional constellations
30 9,509,352 Phase-noise cancellation apparatus and method
31 9,509,293 Method and apparatus for controlling chip performance
32 9,508,348 Pulse encoding and decoding method and pulse codec
33 9,508,329 Method for producing audio file and terminal device
34 9,507,720 Block storage-based data processing methods, apparatus, and systems
35 9,507,672 Method, apparatus, and system for generating and recovering memory snapshot of virtual machine
36 9,507,451 File selection method and terminal
37 9,507,359 Power supply control method and device
38 9,507,146 Apparatus for cleaning optical fiber connector
39 9,507,111 Optical interposer
40 9,507,025 GPS positioning method for mobile terminal, and mobile terminal