Huawei patents granted on 29 September 2015

13 US patents granted on 29 September 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 D739,873 Display screen with icon
2 9,148,891 Method and apparatus for controlling traffic of multi-mode base station
3 9,148,878 Method for detecting and sending control signaling, user equipment, and base station
4 9,148,868 Method, apparatus, and system for location update
5 9,148,848 Method and system for accessing network
6 9,148,745 Communication method of MTC devices and related apparatus
7 9,148,401 Method for obtaining IP address of DHCPV6 server, DHCPV6 server, and DHCPV6 communication system
8 9,148,374 ARP packet processing method, communication system and device
9 9,148,318 Equalization method and equalizer for received signals in microwave MIMO system
10 9,148,271 Methods and devices for transmitting data
11 9,148,264 Data transmission method, device and system
12 9,148,178 Multi-band multi-path receiving and transmitting device and method, and base station system
13 9,146,692 Wireless internet access module, communication method for host and wireless internet access module, and data card