Huawei patents granted on 30 April 2013

17 US patents granted on 30 April 2013 and assigned to Huawei

1 8,434,156 Method, access node, and system for obtaining data
2 8,434,096 Method, system and device for managing customer premises equipment
3 8,434,094 Method and apparatus for implementing a predetermined operation in device management
4 8,433,807 Method, system, and apparatus for processing access prompt information
5 8,433,793 Dispatching method, dispatching apparatus and dispatching system
6 8,433,748 Method, terminal, server and system for processing notification message
7 8,433,348 Method and system for implementing transmitting diversity and receiving diversity
8 8,433,266 Power supply method, apparatus, and system for a radio frequency power amplifier
9 8,432,991 Measurement processing method and apparatus
10 8,432,924 Routing optimization method and message transmission system based on proxy mobile agent
11 8,432,906 Method and apparatus for sending BFD packets, method and apparatus for detecting link faults
12 8,432,851 Method, apparatus, and system for time synchronization
13 8,432,829 Method and apparatus for allocating the number of code words and power
14 8,432,822 Method, system and device of packet sampling
15 8,432,806 Data transmission control method and data transmission device
16 8,432,302 Method and apparatus for line coding
17 8,432,138 Power factor correction converter and control method thereof