Huawei patents granted on 30 August 2016

30 US patents granted on 30 August 2016 and assigned to Huawei

1 D765,071 Smart storage device
2 9,433,000 Single-card dual-standby terminal and data service connecting method
3 9,432,995 Method for arranging transmissions on a downlink carrier
4 9,432,973 Control channel resource allocation method and apparatus
5 9,432,912 Device access method, access point and access device
6 9,432,911 MOCN cell communication method and apparatus
7 9,432,894 Method and device for positioning user equipment in handover process
8 9,432,784 Method and apparatus for estimating interchannel delay of sound signal
9 9,432,748 System and method for photonic switching
10 9,432,730 Multimedia file playback method and apparatus
11 9,432,692 Method, apparatus and device for obtaining motion information of video images and template construction method
12 9,432,474 Control method, control device, and processor in software defined network
13 9,432,440 Method of content delivery in LTE RAN, an eNB and communication system
14 9,432,436 Processing method, distribution server, client, and system for streaming media
15 9,432,432 Streaming media segment preparation method and apparatus
16 9,432,330 Data interaction method, apparatus, and system
17 9,432,257 Traffic behavior driven dynamic zoning for distributed traffic engineering in SDN
18 9,432,226 Channel equalization method and apparatus, and receiver
19 9,432,224 Method and apparatus for low-complexity ISI estimation using sparse discontinuous time-domain pilots
20 9,432,173 Method and transceiver for cancelling multi-carrier transmission interference
21 9,432,171 Method and board for high-speed link auto-negotiation
22 9,432,166 Method and apparatus for transmitting hybrid automatic repeat request indicator information
23 9,432,063 Radio frequency signal transceiving and processing method, device, and base station system
24 9,431,916 Power supply bus circuit
25 9,430,810 Drawing method, apparatus, and terminal
26 9,430,399 Multi-core online patching method and apparatus
27 9,430,302 Method, device and system for using and invoking Oauth API
28 9,430,210 Method and apparatus for integrating java software into mobile terminal, and mobile terminal
29 9,430,198 Data processing method and apparatus
30 9,430,020 Method, device and system for data stream transmission