Huawei patents granted on 30 December 2014

29 US patents granted on 30 December 2014 and assigned to Huawei

1 D720,337 Modem
2 D720,314 Set top box
3 8,925,067 Network access authentication
4 8,924,991 Breakpoint information management method and breakpoint information manager
5 8,924,954 Application software installation method and application software installation apparatus
6 8,924,642 Monitoring record management method and device
7 8,924,591 Method and device for data segmentation in data compression
8 8,924,520 Method, remote access server and system for configuring a quality of service parameter
9 8,924,463 Method, system and device for reporting user agent profile information
10 8,924,221 Method and device for encoding a high frequency signal, and method and device for decoding a high frequency signal
11 8,923,933 Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption of mobile phone, and mobile phone
12 8,923,923 Multi-frequency band antenna feeder sharing method and base station radio frequency unit
13 8,923,906 Method, user terminal and network side equipment for improving network resource occupancy
14 8,923,904 System, apparatus and method for determining right to speak
15 8,923,879 Method, apparatus, and system for controlling services
16 8,923,869 Handover method and system in relay network, relay node, control base station and base station
17 8,923,867 Mobile communication system, base station apparatus and mobile station apparatus
18 8,923,859 Method and terminal for cell search
19 8,923,759 Method and apparatus for transmitting CPRI signal by means of coaxial line
20 8,923,702 Signal receiving method based on microwave photonics technologies
21 8,923,454 Method, apparatus and system for eliminating aliasing noise in multi-carrier modulation system
22 8,923,450 Bank of correlators for sets of GCL sequences
23 8,923,346 Time synchronization method, device and system
24 8,923,338 Method and device for receiving non-synchronous signal in OFDMA system
25 8,923,335 Method and apparatus for binding redundancy versions with a system frame number and subframe numbers
26 8,923,272 Method and apparatus for multiplexing a host identity protocol security channel
27 8,923,121 Control method, system and function entity for reporting bearer event of signaling IP flow
28 8,922,880 Method, apparatus, and system for amplifying a burst optical signal
29 8,922,695 Image processing method and apparatus