Huawei patents granted on 30 June 2015

23 US patents granted on 30 June 2015 and assigned to Huawei

1 9,072,118 Method for implementing WiFi communication, user equipment and wireless routing device
2 9,072,068 Group call method, device and terminal
3 9,072,062 Method for controlling uplink power of long term evolution system, base station, mobile terminal
4 9,072,013 Method, apparatus, and system for processing message
5 9,072,011 Communication system, network handover processing method and apparatus
6 9,071,968 Method, apparatus, and system for centralized 802.1X authentication in wireless local area network
7 9,071,943 Method, server, and system for processing emergency call in PoC service
8 9,071,790 Remote control method, remote controller, remote control response method and set-top box
9 9,071,769 Method and apparatus for determining type of video signal to be output
10 9,071,656 Router and method for routing service
11 9,071,610 Method, user equipment and application server for adding media stream to a multimedia session
12 9,071,507 System and method for registering a CIM provider in a CIM system using information of a device to be configured
13 9,071,456 Method and device for realizing optical channel data unit shared protection ring
14 9,071,376 Bandwidth adjusting method and communication node
15 9,071,355 Dynamic dispersion detecting method and apparatus
16 9,071,334 Far-end crosstalk canceling method and device
17 9,071,333 Device for canceling crosstalk, signal processing system and method for canceling crosstalk
18 9,071,316 Method for detection of symbols in communication signals
19 9,071,308 Method and device for determining codebook generation mode
20 9,071,275 Method and device for implementing cyclic redundancy check codes
21 9,070,960 TM mode dielectric resonator filter including a dielectric resonant column secured within a resonant cavity by elastic deformation
22 9,069,601 Method and apparatus for controlling task execution
23 9,069,054 Microwave transmission apparatus